Herbal tea
Name Herbal Tea
Use Digestive, Sleep, Anti- Oxidant
Other Uses Medicine
Main Use Medication and Sleep
Made of Tea Leaves and Herbs

Herbal Tea is used for sleep, medication, digestive systems, relaxations, and detoxicating skin. It is made up of Natural Tea Leaves and Herbs, which presumably make up the medication part of the tea (since herbs are used for treating wounds). Along with it's natural essence comes relaxation and a good digestive system, leaving you off a healthy start.

Herbal Tea DescriptionsEdit

Detox Tea, Triple Leaf: Cleansing and Revitalizing. Made with over 20 potent Chinies purification herbs, traditional support of the defenses, and Chinies herbs h

Supremo Herbal Tea

ealthy for the skin. Caffeine-Free, All Natural

Supremo: Anise Seeds Herbal Tea, since 1875.


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